Making Money (2)

This one will be a little shorter, and focus on how to make money out of casual games for game developers.

First option of course is to get a job at a game development company. But sometimes you prefer to work independently, or you have a great idea that you want to sell.

So here is a good way of getting some cash out of your games:


Gaming portals such as  Armorgames and Mygame offer “Game Sponsorships” for Developers. It is actually quite straight forward. You send your finished game to them ( not the source code) and they decide if they want to sponsor it. If they do, they will make an offer. Have your game sponsored means that you will receive a one-off fee for the game, in return you have to place the companies logo / preloader inside your game. You will only receive the money once your new game version including the logo has been approved.  Sponsorhip does not mean selling your source code or copyrights, but you agree to only publish the sponsored game version.
You can also register at flashgamelicense and upload your game there. They have a bidding system where sponsors can bid on your game. They have many many sponsors listed but you have to pay them 10% commission. The benefit is though that you can let other developers see your game first and  let them make suggestions or point out bugs and flaws.

Advertising / Awards is probably the largest community where you can get paid for your game, but there are many other “free online game” websites that offer similar service. Anyone can upload a game here and you will get shares of the money they take in from your game. So the more players you get the more money you can make. You can also win prices, depending on the user feedback given towards your game.
Important to know:  Most of this websites accept sponsored games. So if your game is great, there is nothing to stop you from getting it sponsored AND making some money on this sites. There is also no policy on most of the websites that would stop you uploading your game on various websites.
Consider your target audience and research the market, before you publish a game read through the terms & conditions carefully.







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