Back on track

It has been a long and busy winter.
Apart from eating too much christmas pudding and spending some time with all the family I have also spent some time scripting and researching.
As always it all proofs to take longer than expected… at some stages I actually wondered if Flash is just trying to make fun of me, because you are trying so easy obvious things and everything works but it is just doing something stupid. Of course normally it is just some stupid mistake you made or simply something you missed, but it takes hours to find it and once it is corrected it doesn’t bring you a great deal forward.
This is why  I was especially pleased to see that I am still well in time with my time-line.

So now here we are finally back at uni again, and that is what my Gant Chart I handed in looks like:

I have actually broken the tasks down a lot to all individual tasks that have to be thought of ( and quite a few probably missing ) to also be able note down any ideas and bugs .

I just want to add that I received an amazing 78% for my literature review which made me really happy and probably was the best christmas present !! :-) I will try and do everything to keep up that mark for the final report and project.

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