“A term is undefined or has no properties”

I am still coding, or should I say debugging? As most of the time is spent eliminating errors rather than writing code.
At the moment I am trying to make the program create a “special gem” when 4 stones are removed. So far this works, but now this special gem should, when removed within the game create an “explosion” and remove all surrounding gems. Quite a normal feature nowadays in match three games.
Unfortunately flash doesnt seem to be very helpful when debugging… There are “nice” errors like “oh there is a ) missing in line 102″ but most of the time Flash would give you something like this “TypeError: Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties
at Honoursgame/removematches()”
well, A term … so anything is undefined… removematches is about 100 lines of code so happy searching…Its a bit like a doctor telling a patient “Something is wrong with you, roughly somwhere between feet and stomach”
On a more positive side I have finished the list for the 3d models… that was some research…. I now have about 40 cities that can be played. Well 40 that have decent sources that seem to work. I think I didnt imagine it to be such a hassle finding the 3d objects. But that is the common problem with creative commons / open source material, der is no proper standard for submitting content and no one has the money to manage it. Well to be fair google does review all submission especially before they are placed on the google earth layer, but for naming for example, everyone names their models so differently. This makes it impossible to guess the models, especially for countries with non-latin characters. Additionally google doesnt group the models, only users can create collections. So I have come up with this great way of finding models: Lets say I want to find models in paris.
- I look up Paris on Wikipedia and Tripadvisor to find famous buildings / landmarks
- If I am lucky enough an wikipedia has a location for this building I can direcly put this into Google Earth
- If not, I might be lucky that google earth understands the name but I have also spent a lot of time researching landmarks to find out there location because Google earth didnt understand the wikipedia name
- I can then see if on Google Earth there is a 3d object, click on it and get the name.
- The name I copy and paste into google 3d warehouse in the browser.
( in most cases the name is quite unique, however I have also seen famous landmarks that were named “building in …” )
- I can then see if the building is downloadable and the correct filesize. if it does, I can test it .
- If any of this fails I can click on the MAP tab on the building details in the browser.
- I will then get a map with all building that are linked to this place or nearby.
- This is how I can normally find other models of the same building .
- And, if all other models also dont work, I start back at Wikipedia an search for a new building.
Well, at least I got there in the end, and have a handful of working models now.

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