And finally I am working on the graphics, my most dreaded part of the project as it just seems so much energy to put in to achieve something that still looks like a primary school kid playing around with pothoshop….but that is part of the project and in comparison to other projects my game has very little graphic design elements.
I actually started by trying to create the layout, see where all the parts go in, how they work together and how they are scaled. I worked a little bit on the background image and did a few Matte Painting tutorials for photoshop to learn to create stunning landscapes…I feel it helped me and I roughly know how I can integrate all the different buildings into one landscape.
I noticed that my weather script might cause a little difficulty for creating the landscape: Weather isnt only in the sky, if I for example have a snow scenario it would look kind of weired when there are blooming trees and flowers on the ground.
So on soution would be to create different ground scenarios for different seasons, however that would mean I also have to determine somehow what season it is in the particular city. I think I will go for the easier option and try to find a ground scenario that can work in any weather, so no flowers and the trees can be pine trees for example, something that doesnt look weird in winter.
It is just interesting to notice, whatever you are working on, something comes up you haven’t thought of. It isn’t major problems it is just something that only occurs when you produce the actual product, so i guess it is hard to plan it, but when you make a project schedule for any project you have to take into account that some minor problems or changes might occur. Like in a company, you can assign 6 people for one project, you could plan that one might be ill all project through and schedule your project as if only 5 people work on it, but sometimes, during flue season you will suddenly end up having only 2 people working on the project.

I have also decided on a theme now, and I will be taken the theme that is most obvious: travel! So a little bit of brainstorming and ideas around travel will inform my design.

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