I have been playing around with the layout, just roughly stiched a few images together to see how the final game could look like

A couple of thoughts
What happens in winter? How to make the buildings all fit into the scene , composition wise ? How to work with different size buildings? – At the moment I have tall and wide buildings, however tall isnt always the same size, I might for example have a curch tower but also a radio tower. So the size of the trees in the foreground would have to change according to the actual size of the model, which is quite impossible.
What happens with the lighting in the scene??? A storm scenario has very different lighting from a clear blue summer sky…I think I can see now the importance of being a designer …they would probably never think of stitching an image together out of dynamically loaded files because of all these variable ( scale / colour temperature / placement / lighting condition / contrast etc..)

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