Scripting - Main Game
Scripting - Main Movie

Sheet 1: Scripting - Main Game

Progress Tested Bugs Fixed Issues / Ideas

Main Game-Setup

in progress

> setting up grid of stones done done

how big will this be? How big will the stones be and how many?
> randomizing stones done done

how many different tiles will there be?

> looking for matches done done

> removing matches done done

> refilling board done done

Importing Images from link through xml open

Tracing out white backgrounds tested

White around the edges is not removed properly no idea

Creating new image from file open

Finding where tiles overlap with the image done

What parts should display the city? All that are completely inside? Or maybe overlapping in more than three edges?

Marking overlapping pieces done done

Counting overlapping pieces (game goal) done done

Shaping grid according to marked pieces !!!
Not possible to realise like originally planned. Because the shape varies from city to city it may happen that there are unsolvable boards (e.g. only 2 tiles in a row)
The grid should stay square and the goal of the game will be just to remove the marked tiles. How will this display the shape of the city? How will it be clear that the tiles form a shape?

Player interaction

- Click-mode

> Select / Deselect tiles done done

> select 2nd tile to create a match done done

> select 2nd tile to deselect first one (non adjacent tiles done done

Does not work if tiles are in the same row done

> Deselection by clicking anywhere on stage?

- Drag-mode

Player selects tile and drags to make a match done done

Combined click and drag play done done

If mouse slides too fast tile will swap with further away tiles done

Does not work if a tile is selected and then next one dragged done

While tiles are dropping the user cannot make another move open should the user be forced to wait?

When a selection is made then next tile is swapped the previous selection stays on open

all the bounding boxes for each piece have to line up perfectly if they don't the player could potentially hover over empty space to get to a piece that is not adjacent

Scoring system

Award points for each move done done

Different points for special moves? open

> More than 3 open

> Falling pieces open

Giving a certain time to the user open

How much time would be adequate?

Penalties for incorrect move? open

There probably shouldn't be one, after all its a casual game

Game over

Game over when time is up open

Game over when goal is reached done done

No more moves available in progress

> Detection done done

> Reshuffle board open

Extras (optional)

Special gems open

Should there be any special gems e.g. for making moves with 4 or 5 stones?

> Detecting move of 4 or more stones open

> removing tiles but refilling with “Special gem” open

> Functionality open

> remove a full row open

these are just ideas what the special gems could do / what they do in other match-3 games

> remove all gems of the same colour open

Hints open

Will there be hints, for example if the user has not made a move for a certain amount of time? Or wll there be a button the user can click?

> Possibly detecting inactivity of the user open

Will they be penalized for “using” a hint?


Swap animation done done

Falling down animation done done

Incorrect swap animation done done

Score animation in progress

could look nicer

Reshuffle animation open

Game over animation open

How will this link to the city shape?

> hiding game board open

Some ideas how the game over animation could reveal the city shape, will very much depend on how the game board integrates the shape

> revealing shape open

> highlighting shape and naming open

Special gem animation open

Sheet 2: Scripting - Main Movie

Progress Tested Bugs Fixed Issues / Ideas

Loading Screen

in progress
Loading main game open

Loading game after selection open

Percentage display open

Is it possible to display percentage for the external files? Possible problem with papervision


Creating a sphere in PV3D done done

Loading map on it in progress
Correct scale for the map has to be found so it works perfectly on the sphere open

Loading City Data from xml open

Placing city data according to location done done

Mark playable and non-playable locations open

User interaction in progress

> Rotate Globe by drag& drop done done

> Rotate Globe by buttons open

> Zoom with mouse wheel done done Map is somehow automatically scaled down when placed on the globe, it therefore becomes pixelated when zooming in open

> Zoom with buttons open

> Stop zoom at certain scale open

Selecting a location open

Pop-up window open

Play button open


Skipable introduction screen open

Where will this be displayed? Before the user sees the globe or before a game starts?

On different slides open

User can: open

Skip to next open

Go to previous open

Skip whole introduction open

Detection of first-time user open

If introduction screen is displayed just before a game starts

Game Background

Loading Weather Info open

Loading scenario according to weather data open

Loading ground scenario open

Loading additional city data open

Loading Models into game done

Scaling and positioning models done
There is no width or height property, data has to be calculated done

Not all models seem to be modelled in the same way / difference in size done

File size of > 1MB lets program crash done

Does not work when uploaded online > cross – domain policy problem open


Out of time message open

> Play again open

> Back to start open

> Submit score open

Will there be a leaderboard????

Won message open

> Back to start open

> Submit score open

View leaderboard open

if there is one


Sound on/off open

When do which buttons show up?

Music on/off open

View Help / Instructions open

About open

Quit open

Sheet 3: Assets

Progress Ideas Flaws

Will there be a game theme? Which one? Specific or more general

Colours open

Fonts open

in progress
Sizes open

Objects open

Background images

Main Screen open

Instruction background open

leaderboard background open

Pop-up backgrounds open

Game Scenery

Ground image open

Sun – no clouds open

Sun & cloudy open

Cloudy no sun open

Light rain open

Heavy Rain open

Snow open

Hail open

Thunder / Lightening open

Game Elements

Stones open

> Selected stone open

Grid open

Highlighted grid tile open


Sound on/off open

Music on/off open

View Help / Instructions open

About open

Quit open


Background music open

> Different for main game than menu ? open

Swap open

Incorrect swap open

Falling pieces open

Special gem appears open

Use of special gem open

Time almost up open

Game over open

Win open

Selections open