Project progression

Boom – the troublesome gem explosion

Sometimes less is more they say, and well, sometimes they are right. At the very start of the project I had created this nice little function for a special gem. When the user creates a match using the special gem all surrounding stones will “explode” – disappear. BOOM. This is actually very common in match 3 games. but somehow for me it would not want to work.

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From 3D Matrices, Euler angles and Quaternions

Eule is the German word for Owl, but Euler ? .
OK I have to admit, I was never really good at maths and whatever I learned, now I struggle already calculating percentages. And maybe in the past week I understood why maths can be important in programming or scripting…. More »

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Something to show

I settled on the “travel” theme and decided that therefore my stones/gems/tiles for the game will all be different coloured and different shaped bags. Normally matching games consist of 7 different colours so I worked hard on the gem design and thought that I would make them very detailed in the first place so they still look good when scaled down. Here are my first designs for the different bags:

Some still have parts I dont like or need some more editing, but this is a first / raw version.

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And finally I am working on the graphics, my most dreaded part of the project as it just seems so much energy to put in to achieve something that still looks like a primary school kid playing around with pothoshop….but that is part of the project and in comparison to other projects my game has very little graphic design elements. More »

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I have been playing around with the layout, just roughly stiched a few images together to see how the final game could look like

A couple of thoughts More »

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Getting the weather

After a long search for a free service that allows requesting weather data through latitude and longitude information I finally found

They give you an easy to access xml API that lets you request current weather data and forecast. Here is my test script requesting the weather data at about the point where Edinburgh Napier Uni is.

and this is the code

var xmlLoader:URLLoader=new URLLoader  ;
var xmlData:XML=new XML  ;

var currenttemp:String;
var currentcond:String;


xmlLoader.load(new URLRequest(",-3.22&format=xml&num_of_days=2&key=#thissiwhereyourAPPIkeygoesin"));

function LoadXML(e:Event):void {
    xmlData=new XML(;

function ParseWeather(weather:XML):void {

      currenttemp = weather.current_condition.temp_C;
    currentcond = weather.current_condition.weatherDesc;
    weathertext.text = "In Edinburgh it is currently \n" +currenttemp + " C and " +currentcond;
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“A term is undefined or has no properties”

I am still coding, or should I say debugging? As most of the time is spent eliminating errors rather than writing code. More »

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Back on track

It has been a long and busy winter.
Apart from eating too much christmas pudding and spending some time with all the family I have also spent some time scripting and researching.
As always it all proofs to take longer than expected… at some stages I actually wondered if Flash is just trying to make fun of me, because you are trying so easy obvious things and everything works but it is just doing something stupid. Of course normally it is just some stupid mistake you made or simply something you missed, but it takes hours to find it and once it is corrected it doesn’t bring you a great deal forward.
This is why  I was especially pleased to see that I am still well in time with my time-line.

So now here we are finally back at uni again, and that is what my Gant Chart I handed in looks like:

I have actually broken the tasks down a lot to all individual tasks that have to be thought of ( and quite a few probably missing ) to also be able note down any ideas and bugs .

I just want to add that I received an amazing 78% for my literature review which made me really happy and probably was the best christmas present !! :-) I will try and do everything to keep up that mark for the final report and project.

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Regular expression in Actionscript

How could I get the images from flickr? Let Flash download an image from a specific URL is easy. But what I needed in this project is:
Let flash browse to a certain website, look for images on that site and download them: Not possible. Because its not a browser. It can’t really “open up a webpage” But of course, there is always a solution More »

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Lat, Long to pixel conversion

I don’t like this when there is a logical problem and you can’t solve it and you just think ” It should be really easy”
So my problem was, how to get latitude and longitude data converted into Pixel data. And by that I mean, hot to map this data to my map material in Flash. More »

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