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Importing Google Earth files dynamically into Papervision3D – Scaling & positioning

Loading Google Earth models into flash, dynamically. The files are loaded directly from the web and rescaled and positioned. And this is how it is done: More »

Simple Dropdown menu AS3 – .fla

Yesterday I was looking for a simple DropDown menu in Actionscript 3.0, but all I found was either made more complex than it needs to be or a 45 minute tutorial including the explanation on how to start up your computer.  So I made my own. Just 40 lines of code and that is including the rollover effect.

Simply insert your menu items in the Array. The variable selecteditem will return the selection the user made, so you can use it to work with.
For example create a function that goes to different pages when a selection is made.

If you want to make a new and fancy design make sure to leave the object in place as the AS refers to them ( Textfields have to be named, and the main menu button as well)

Download .fla