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Music in Games

Remember my last post said “not every game needs music” .
Well I’ve started a discussion on this because I realised that many Developers but especially sound designers of course would say “always add music”!

So here is the disccussion

Basically what it comes down to is

In other words, if the audio experience is complete, you can take enough focus away from the music to not require it. Certainly, you don’t have to make a game with bad music, ever.

Here is a very good and very popular example for a game with no music.

Here is a very good and very popular example for a game with no music. Bejeweled Blitz
I believe it is up to the players preferences. But whether you add background music or work with audio only, make sure you always include a clear visible Mute button.

Two excellent themed game examples

So in my earlier post I was talking about themed games, but it is easier to imagine if you have an example. I will take 2 games that have the same game mechanic: A match three game (aka Bejeweled). The first game is a fast-paced version where you only have one minute to complete the game. The second one will be a slower paced version where you have 3 minutes and rather focus on creating “special matches” than completing the game quickly.

Fast-paced game: Miner Speed

Ok, so let’s have a look at the theme here.
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EA buys PopCap

Electronic Arts just signed the deal to take over casual game publisher PopCap for ~$850 million (Source:

So now we know what the publisher of casual games like Bejeweled, Plants vs. Zombies a.m.o. is worth… 850 Million Dollar … It’s going to be interesting to see how this effects PopCaps new game realeses.

Just 1 1/2 years ago EA took over social game developer Playfish ( Playfish was known for it’s Facebook Games such as Pet Society, Restaurant City and Who’s got the biggest brain. After being taken over by EA they published some new social games that evoked from former EA games like EA Sports FIFA Superstars and Madden NFL Superstars. Currently they are developing a facebook version of the sims. Makes you wonder what PopCap will publish now,  a new Sim City version maybe? Or Hidden Objects – Medal of Honour ..


Themed Games

It’s not about the game mechanic anymore it is a lot about the game design, the user experience.

Casual Gamers don’t want to “learn” a game before they can play it. So many game publishers nowadays use a common game mechanic and just twist little aspects. You can play the classic Bejeweld, but also a faster paced version, a strategy version or get different “specials stones” in different games.  But why would people play exactly THIS imitation of Bejeweld? A good and common way to make a game enjoyable is to “theme” the game. I will post another article where I give 2 nice examples of theming the same game, but firstly I want to explain themed games.
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