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Dynamic content games

The project city match


aims to demonstrate a variety of different content imports.

The full game at the moment is 2MB in file-size but the different game set-ups are endless. Moreover, to add more cities and game content, all it takes it to edit a single xml file.

So what is dynamic ?

1. Importing City information from Wikipedia ( Inhabitants, country and country flag)

2. Importing city maps from Wiki Commons ( includes tracing out white backgrounds and colouring)

3. Importing 3d Building from the Google3dWarehouse – Scaled and positioned in Papervision3d

4. Importing Weather data from World Weather Online – Weather conditions are translated to different background images

5. Importing random images from - The program access the “most insteresting” creative commons licensed pictures and chooses 6 randomly.

For more information on how the content is loaded please visit the Honours Project section

Please comment and discuss.

Importing Google Earth files dynamically into Papervision3D – Scaling & positioning

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