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Game clones – Where is the difference?

In the casual game industry it is very common to clone games. In fact it is difficult to introduce a complete new game mechanic to users. Casual Gamers don’t want to spend a long time learning a game and one key aspects of casual games are that they are easy to learn. So many Game studios and indi game developers take a popular game mechanic and add variations to it. Sometimes the game only varies in some graphical aspects and detail. But today I want to talk about 3 examples of very similar game clones. I chose a recently quite popular game mechanic known as “Hidden Object”. I chose this example because it is a game-type that doesn’t allow many variation to the mechanics. So what is the difference between clones? Why do we buy or play a particular game and don’t play another similar one ? More »

EA buys PopCap

Electronic Arts just signed the deal to take over casual game publisher PopCap for ~$850 million (Source:

So now we know what the publisher of casual games like Bejeweled, Plants vs. Zombies a.m.o. is worth… 850 Million Dollar … It’s going to be interesting to see how this effects PopCaps new game realeses.

Just 1 1/2 years ago EA took over social game developer Playfish ( Playfish was known for it’s Facebook Games such as Pet Society, Restaurant City and Who’s got the biggest brain. After being taken over by EA they published some new social games that evoked from former EA games like EA Sports FIFA Superstars and Madden NFL Superstars. Currently they are developing a facebook version of the sims. Makes you wonder what PopCap will publish now,  a new Sim City version maybe? Or Hidden Objects – Medal of Honour ..